Overlays and Tool Steels

Overlays and Tool Steels

Selectrode’s full range of wear repair alloys covers the full spectrum of alloy types from Cobalt based electrodes through and including fine diameter flux and metal cored semi automatic spooled wires.

The Cobalt based electrodes are unique to the market due to their ability to weld easily not only on direct current welders but also large and small alternating current machines. The arc transfer is a spray type which creates weld metal flow that is exceptional. The slag is totally self releasing yielding weld deposits that are extremely fine rippled and uniform. Our wide range of cobalt alloy types includes grade numbers: 1, 6, 12, 21 and 25 in both flux coated electrodes and bare torch/Tig alloys.

Similarly our range of tungsten carbide overlay products is also extensive. We manufacture tubular carbide filled electrodes and torch rods with tungsten carbide fill contents ranging from 37% up to and including 60%. Tool steels are a major component of our wear facing group with all of the hardening types covered in both stick electrode and Tig versions. Chromium carbide electrodes of all types head up the group of common repair alloys. This selection which also includes manganese and nickel manganese electrode grades that are used for wear applications ranging from sliding abrasive wear resistance through work hardening applications.

A very special and proprietary range of overlay electrodes is our large diameter low operating amperage tubular electrodes that offer numerous operational benefits. These electrodes manufactured in diameters up to and including ½” (13mm) can be deposited at unusually low amperages. The low amperage factor totally minimizes warpage and distortion on the parts being repaired. Deposition rates are dramatically  higher than conventional solid core wire electrodes and closely approach the rates witnessed with semi automatic tubular wires.  Rounding out the Selectrode wearfacing line is the fine diameter cored wire range of Mig wires. This group includes lower hardness buildup chemistries and also manganese bearing work hardening types. The higher hardness level is headed up by our very popular chromium carbide version. These spooled Mig wires are all manufactured in fine diameters that are usable in automatic feeding apparatus for high speed overlays at very low amperages.

In addition to the standard products, we also offer unique and special products, including:

    Overlay Products

  • All hardness levels of electrodes
  • Carbide and Wear Resistant Torch Alloys
  • .045″ (1.2 mm) and 1/16 (1.6 m) diameter flux cored MIG wires

Choose a Product Number from the list below to view Datasheets or SDS for that product.

ProductAWS/ASMEDINDatasheetSDS File
1201 - Cobalt Grade 1 ElectrodeA 5.13 E CoCr-C8555: E20-UM-55-CTZ1201SDS
1206 - Cobalt Grade 6 ElectrodeA 5.13 E CoCr-A8555: E20-UM-45-CRTZ1206SDS
1212 - Cobalt Grade 12 ElectrodeA 5.13 E CoCr-B8555: E20-UM-50-CTZ1212SDS
1221 - Cobalt Grade 21 ElectrodeA 5.13 E CoCr-E8555: E20-UM-350-CKTZ1221SDS
1225 - Cobalt Grade 25 Electrode_8555: E20-UM-250-CKTZ1225SDS
1230 - Tubular 60% Tungsten Carbide Electrode_8555: E21-UM-65-G1230SDS
1231 - 60% Tungsten Carbide Tubular Torch Alloy__1231SDS
1235 - 37% Tungsten Carbide Tubular Electrode__1235SDS
1247 - High Manganese StainlessA 5.4 E 307-168556: E 18.8 Mn R 261247SDS
1248 - Flame Cuttable Manganese ElectrodeA 5.13 E FeMnC8555: E7-UM-250-KP1248SDS
1249 - Nickel Chrome Manganese High RecoveryA 5.4 E 307-268556: E 18.8 Mn MPR 33 1601249SDS
1250 - Nickel Chrome Manganese Overlay__1250SDS
1251 - Chromium Carbide_8555: E10-UM-60-GRZ1251SDS
1253 - H13 Hot Work Tool Steel Electrode__1253SDS
1255 - M2 High Speed Tool SteelA 5.13 E Fe68555: E4-UM-60-ST1255SDS
1256 - Air Hardening Tool Steel Electrode_8555: E6-UM-601256SDS
1257 - All Position Chrome CarbideA 5.13 E FeCr-A18555: E10-UM-60-GR1257SDS
1258 - Tubular Large Diameter Chrome Carbide__1258SDS
1260 - Economical Hardfacing_8555: E6-UM-60-GP1260SDS
1261 - Machinable Build-up Underlayment__1261SDS
1262 - Build-up for Extreme Compressive Stress_8555: E1-UM-2501262SDS
1263 - Metal to Metal Wear Resistance_8555: E6-UM-601263SDS
1265 - Smooth Overlay RC 66 to 68_8555: E10-UM-65-G1265SDS
1266 - Hot Work Tool Steel_8555: E3-UM-45-T1266SDS
1267 - RC-67 Niobium Carbide_8555: E10-UM-65-GR1267SDS
1268 - All Position Shock and Abrasion Resistance_8555: E6-UM-601268SDS
1675 - Chromium Carbide_8555: E10-55r1675SDS
6111 - Air Hardening Tool Steel TiG H-13 (A8)__6111SDS
7248 - Impact Resistant Flux Cored Manganese Mig Wire__7248SDS
7251 - Chrome Carbide Metal Cored Mig Wire__7251SDS
7260 - Metal Cored Hardfacing Tubular Mig Wire__7260SDS
7261 - Build-up/Cushion Flux Cored Mig Wire__7261SDS