Copper, Brass and Bronze

Copper, Brass and Bronze

Pure Copper Electrode

Product code 1281 is a true pure copper arc welding electrode. Since very few electrode manufacturers have the technology to develop and manufacture this pure copper type electrode Selectrode’s version is the choice for most of the worlds applications and is well tested in worldwide applications of all types. This DC current only electrode deposits with a relatively smooth arc transfer. The resultant weld bead is dense and has all of the thermal and electrical current properties of pure copper. The high purity of the weld metal chemistry facilitates the joining and repair of all grades of weldable coppers.

AC/DC Tin Bronze Electrode

Selectrode Industries code 1282 is an extremely versatile AC and DC tin bronze welding electrode. A special technique can be employed to use this electrode as an electric brazing rod. The AC performance feature opens up bronze repair to many shops that currently do not own DC welding machines. The multi phase copper base structure allows this electrode to join many copper base alloys not only to themselves but also to ferrous based alloys such as stainless steels, steels and cast irons.

DC Only Tin Bronze Electrode

Code 1283 is Selectrode Industries strong arc drive tin bronze electrode developed especially for high strength deep penetrating weld beads on a wide variety of bronze grades of base metal. The tin content is particularly suited to repairing components that are subject to sea water and also some chemicals prevalent in marine applications. The strong arc drive allows for easy weld metal transfer with excellent slag removal and weld bead appearance. Weld metal density is also exceptional.

Nickel Manganese Aluminum Bronze Electrode

Code 1284 is a very highly alloyed DC only aluminum bronze welding electrode. 1284 is the first recommendation for joining and surfacing parts that are subject to service in marine environments and seawater. The high alloy content promotes repairs on a wide variety of aluminum bronze chemistry base metals. The high alloy content also yields a hardness that is ideal for frictional and metal to metal wear applications. In summary this weld metal can resist corrosion, cavitation, erosion and metal to metal wear.

Aluminum Bronze Electrode

Selectrode Industries specifically developed code 1285 as a universal lower alloy aluminum bronze electrode suited to the everyday common repairs of aluminum bronze components. It features very high strength along with excellent wear resistance. Compatibility with a wide variety of aluminum bronze base metals as well as the ability to overlay on cast irons, steels and copper base alloys is a strong feature of this electrode.

Mig and Tig Copper Base Alloys

Each of these 5 grades of copper base alloys are also manufactured in both spooled MIG versions as well as cut length bare TIG versions.


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ProductAWS/ASMEDINDatasheetSDS File
1281 - Pure Copper ElectrodeA 5.6 E Cu1733: EL-CuMn21281SDS
1282 - Tin Bronze Electrode AC/DCA 5.6 E CuSn - C1733: EL-CuSn81282SDS
1283 - Tin Bronze DC ElectrodeA 5.6 E CuSn - C1733: EL-CuSn81283SDS
1284 - Nickel Manganese Aluminum Bronze ElectrodeA 5.6 E CuMnNiAl1733: EL-CuMn14Al1284SDS
1285 - Aluminum Bronze ElectrodeA 5.6 E CuAl-A21733: EL-CuAl91285SDS
7084 - Aluminum Bronze MiGA 5.7 ER-CuAl-A21733: SG-CuAl10Fe7084SDS