Custom Products

Unique Products

Listed herein are our very special product offerings which complement our normal range

Aluminum - Flux Coated

  • 4 Grades
  • Many colors
  • Hermetic sealed pure aluminum cans

Overlay Products

  • All hardness levels of electrodes
  • Carbide and Wear Resistant Torch Alloys
  • .045" (1.2 mm) and 1/16 (1.6 m) diameter flux cored MIG wires
  • Wear resistant hardened "Discs"

Cast Iron Electrodes

  • Copper clad TRI - METAL
  • Non-Conductive flux coated 99% Ni
  • Inexpensive ferro nickel and high nickel types
  • Bi-metal Ferro Nickel


  • All grades of flux coated silver alloys in a variety of colors
  • High strength/low temperature solders

Dissimilar Steels

  • 312 or 29/9 type in 8 different colors
  • Special "Stud Pull" electrode
  • 1/16" (1.6 mm) through ¼" (6.4 mm) diameter

Powder Spray

  • Cold Spray one and two step powders
  • Hot spray self fluxing powders
  • Hot and cold spray powder torches


  • Pure Copper
  • AC & DC Tin/Phosphor Bronzes
  • Aluminum Bronzes
  • Flux coated torch brazing alloys in colors

Related Items

  • Magic Metal epoxy sticks in steel, bronze and aluminum grades
  • Handi Jig heat resistant and Jigging putty
  • Electronic quick change welding helmets

Aluminum - Flux Coated

Dissimilar Steels

Powder Spray