Packaging Options

Packaging Options


Selectrode offers the widest array of packaging options for welding electrodes including:


  • Molded Plastics Containers in Four Styles and Twenty Different Colors.Molded Plastic Containers
  • Hermetically Sealed One Piece Pure Aluminum Cans.
  • High Quality Cardboard Boxes.
  • Vacuum Sealed Moisture Proof Foil Bags.
  • Shrink Wrapping.
  • Point of Purchase Displays.
  • Blister Cards and Clam Shell Pop Packaging.
  • Bulk Tri-Wall Export Packaging.


  • Big company image without tooling cost outlays
  • Largest selection available anywhere of unique package choices
  • Package options that can hold from 1 lb (.5kg) to 15 lbs (7kg)


Build Crates1. Bulk Crates: Large palletized  bulk crates with capacities of: 250 lbs. (114 kgs.) 500 lbs. (228 kgs.) 1000 lbs. (456 kgs.) are the least expensive method of purchasing electrodes that are to be packages at your own facility.






Bulk Boxes2. Bulk Boxes: Our triple walled “CUSHION PAK” holds wither 40 lbs. (20 kgs.) or 50 lbs. (25 kgs.) within one large polyethylene bag. This package can withstand a 275 lb. burst test and has a convenient hinged lid.






1. Heat Sealed Polyethylene Bags: These 4 mil heavy bags can be filled with either 5 lbs. (2.5kgs.) or in 10 lb (5 kg) units. The bagged products can be transported either in our BULK CRATE or “CUSHION PAK”.

Dri-Box Safe Cardboard Packaging2.“DRI-BOX” ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE CARDBOARD ELECTRODE PACKAGE: This latest concept in electrode packaging is made from a thin gauge but strong moisture barrier pure white fiberboard material. This package features a resealable “velcro” locking system. Custom colors are available in 1,000 unit runs. The “Dri Box” can hold up to 13 lbs. (6kgs.) of most products in 14" (350 mm) lengths. 


Two Color Plastic Container3. The “Hex-Pak” Two Color Plastic Container: This hexagon (six sided) shaped container is one of the rare containers available in coordinating cap and bottom colors. Presently we stock the bottoms in dark blue, gold, silver, and the caps in orange, yellow, lime green, red maroon black, and dark blue. The “Hex-Pak” also features a snap on cap which facilitates resealing. The unit has 2 recessed areas for label placement or for an embossed logo. It is available only in 14ʺ (350mm) lengths and can hold up to 15 lbs. (7kgs.) of many types of electrodes. Custom colors can be had in runs of 5,000 units.

Molded Plastic Container4. The “Square-Pak” 3ʺ x 3ʺ (75mm x 75mm) molded Plastic Container: This shrink wrapped unit features two (2) recessed areas for label placement. It is stocked in 14ʺ (350mm) lengths in blue, black, yellow, silver, and red, and in 18ʺ lengths (450mm) in blue. Custom colors can be had in runs of 1,000 and we also offer custom embossed logos in this container as a special order. Capacity is up to 11 lbs. (5kgs.) on many items.


Master Cartons5. Master Cartons: Both the “Hex-Pak” and “Square-Pak” packaging fees include final packaging in this attractive white master carton. This carton is designed to hold 4 units of the individual weight content of your choice. The master carton will be labeled with matching labels to your individual containers packaged within.



6. Custom PackagingCustom Packaging: Hermitically Sealed Cans – Vacuum Sealed Bags – Blister-Pak Point of Purchase Displays:
We offer all of the latest packaging innovations that are required for insuring products freshness and marketability. In addition we can provide packaging units of any style with certain minimum quantities.