Custom Product Colors


Custom Product Colors


Custom product colors  - The ultimate in individuality

  • Differentiate your company from the competition with uniquely colored products.
  • Many items are stocked in an assortment of colors – eliminating minimums
  • Non-Stocked proprietary colors available with reasonable lead times and minimums

Concept: In situations where there is an abundance of competitive activity on certain products, it sometimes is advantageous to offer your customers unique versions of products. In its simplest form this can many times be accomplished by making available different colors of the same product. Depending upon quantity requirements, this concept can be based upon our variety of stocked colors, or custom colors, or custom manufactured if the situation warrants

Marketing program – stock colors

In these 6 different product categories we always have in stock a variety of different colors. These product groups are:

  • Mild steel 13 type electrode
  • 29/9 – 312 stainless electrode
  • Flux coated silver brazing alloys
  • Flux coated low fuming bronze
  • Flux coated nickel-silver
  • Aluminum electrode


Marketing program – Custom colors

Any of the prior 6 product groups can be manufactured in a color that is non-stock and of your own choosing. Depending upon the volume requirements and territorial limitations an exclusivity arrangement is also a possibility. The following minimums usually apply per diameter for custom color manufacture:

Alloy Type Custom Color Minimum per Diameter
Mild steel (All Types) 2500 lbs. (1150 kgs.)
29/9 – 312 Stainless or Other Stainless Grades 700 lbs. (320 kgs.)
Flux coated silver 100 lbs. (45 kgs.)
Low fuming bronze brazing 300 lbs. (140 kgs.)
Nickel – silver brazing 300 lbs. (140 kgs.)
Aluminum Electrode 500 lbs. (225 kgs.)