Electrode Imprinting

Electrode Imprinting


Identify and personalize your product range with high definition single and multiple imprints at no extra charge assuming that rod imprinting plates are purchased beforehand.

  • Imprint minimum is only 40 lbs (20kgs) per diameter (lesser quantities with a special surcharge).
  • Multi-line and multi-imprint capability allows for inclusion of telephone numbers, amperage requirements, etc. on all products.
  • Custom imprinted products generally shipped within five (5) business days.


In general, a rod imprinting plate is usable for all diameters and is purchased for each individual product type. Cost conscious companies can purchase just one (1) with their company name only, but most companies purchase plates for each individual product designation.

Imprinting plate costs

There are two (2) types of imprinting plate designs that are both a maximum width of 3ʺ or 76mm wide.

  • Level A imprinting plates are one line of any common type style without the inclusion of logos, circular rings, or bands. They cost approximately $80 each, require one (1) week to manufacture, and have a lifetime guarantee.
    • Level A Example:

Imprinting Plates


  • Level B imprinting plates incorporate up to three (3) lines of any common type style in addition to custom logos, stars, bands etc. If camera ready artwork is not required, Level B imprinting plates will cost approximately $125 each, take up to two (2) weeks to manufacture and have a lifetime guarantee. Intricate designs that require camera ready artwork will be quoted on an individual basis. Included below are typical examples of type styles and foreign languages.
    • Level B Example:

Imprinting Plates

Imprinting Charges

Our policy is to not charge for the actual imprinting labor. However, in very high volume deeply discounted pricing arrangements, we require the following surcharges:

  • Aluminum electrodes: $0.25/lb($0.55/kg)*
  • All other products: $0.15/lb ($0.33/kg)*
  • The normal no charge imprinting minimum is 40 pounds per diameter. Lesser imprinting quantities require a surcharge of $2.00/lb($4.40/kg)*

Multiple Imprints: Double and triple imprints are offered along the length of the rod or electrode for an additional $0.07/lb($0.16/kg)*

  • Example:

Imprinting Plates


Ink Colors

Light colored electrodes are always printed with black ink. Black electrodes are always imprinted with white ink, but on special requests can be imprinted with black ink. Ink colors such as blue, green, yellow, red, silver, or gold can be special ordered on runs of 500lbs (227kgs) or more.

Size Capabilities

Our exclusive equipment can neatly imprint electrodes and brazing rods with a minimum diameter of 1/16ʺ (1.6mm) up to and including 1/2ʺ (12.8mm). Smaller diameters sometimes require the purchase of separate rod imprinting plates with more compact text.


*Prices are subject to change without notice