78090 – Pyro Fuse Hot Spray Torch Kit

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Pyro Fuse

A hot spray puddle torch kit with infinite control powder feed adjustment lever

This simple and easy to use torch is available as a torch alone as item # 78080 or in a complete kit/carrying case combination with assorted powders as item # 78090.

Pyro Fuse Hot Spray Torch KitPyroFuse – A very useful puddle type spray torch for repairing and overlaying iron base components.

The following features are what make the PyroFuse torch unique:

  • Powder is drawn into the gas stream by aspiration rather than gravity for a positive accurate flow of alloy.
  • Powder aspiration is accomplished with oxygen only not with an explosive mixture.

Pyro Fuse Kit Contents

  • 1 ea Hot Spray Powder Torch
  • 1 ea Chrome # 4 Torch Tip
  • 1 ea Chrome # 4 Powder Mixer
  • 1 ea 1 # bottle RC 10-15 Nickel Powder
  • 1 ea 1 # bottle RC 33-38 Nickel Base powder
  • 1 ea 1 # bottle RC 60-62 Nickel Base Powder
  • 1 ea Empty Powder Bottle
  • 1 ea Carrying/Storage Case