7248 – Impact Resistant Flux Cored Manganese Mig Wire

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Description: A very high deposition manganese alloy for severe impact. Deposits are flame cuttable, forgeable and can be built up to unlimited heights.

Application: Ideal for rebuilding manganese steel components such as rails, switches, frogs, bucket teeth, hammers, etc.

  • A high technology group of all position metal cored wearfacing tubular wires.
  • All components are baked at extra high temperatures before manufacturing to eliminate moisture pick up.
  • Excellent in all positions.
  • Slag free deposits represent very high transfer efficiency.
Settings: .045” (1.2mm) D.C.R.P., 18-30 Volts, 125-250 Amps, 75% Ar-25% CO2

1/16” (1.6mm) D.C.R.P., 20-30 Volts, 150-300 Amps, 75% Ar-25% CO2


All Weld Metal Analysis (Typical Weight %)

C Mn Si S P Cr Others Fe
1 15.08 .60 .02 .015 3.55 3.2 Bal


Typical Mechanical Properties

Hardness: As deposited RC 25,  Work Hardened to RC 47

Standard Spool Size: 33# (15 Kg.)