7084 – Aluminum Bronze MiG

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AWS/ASME A5.7 ERCuAl-A2          

DIN 1733: SG-CuAl10Fe

EN ISO 24373: Cu6180 CuAl10Fe




7084 is a copper based filler metal containing about 1% iron used for gas-metal arc welding of copper, copper-nickel, brass, bronze, steel, galvanized steels and also cast iron. Most common applications would include marine maintenance and repair, ship propellers, pump housing, rigging jacks, piston heads, bearings and excellent for build-up or overlaying wear/corrosion resistance applications. Combinations of Copper or Aluminum Bronze base metals to steel are very common with this filler metal. Exhibits high mechanical properties and hardness.


All Weld Metal Analysis (Typical Weight %)


 Si Pb Zn Fe Al Cu
0.10* 0.02* 0.02* 1.5* 8.0-11.0 Bal.

*maximum values

Typical Mechanical Properties

Undiluted Weld Metal                          Maximum Value Up to:

Tensile Strength                                      79,000 psi (545MPa)

Yield Strength                                          35,000 psi (241 MPa)

Elongation                                                28%

Brinell Hardness                                      140 HB


Welding Current & Instructions

Recommended Shielding Gas: 100% Argon

Welding Techniques:  Insure welding surface is free of contamination.

Recommended Amperage Settings:


Inches (mm)

Volts Amps

.035 (.9)

26-27 130-200
.045 (1.14) 27-28


 .062  (1.6) 28-30