5190 – Aluminum Torch Brazing Flux

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A powdered flux used for brazing aluminum and aluminum based alloys. It is used with gas-oxygen torches or in select induction and furnace brazing applications. The flux wets the joining surfaces thoroughly and prevents the entrapment of aluminum oxide inclusions in the joints. It can be used as supplied or mixed with water to form a paste.


Physical Properties

Specific Gravity: 2.2 (Average)

Volatile Content: <0.5

Lower Explosion Limit: None

Freezing Effects: None

Humidity Effect: Hygroscopic

Active Temperature Range: 345ºC – 690ºC/ 650ºF- 1280º F


Brazing Techniques

Clean base metal thoroughly to remove any contaminates. Heat the end of filler metal rod and dip into flux or sprinkle flux on work piece. At temperature the flux liquefies and flows into the joint, removing surface oxides. Continue heating until the filler metal melts and fills the joint. Flux residue is soluble in hot water. Flux is hygroscopic and should be stored in plastic away from moisture and heat.