4985 – Machinable Nickel Base Cold Spray Powder

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Our code 4985, is a machinable Nickel base alloy powder for salvage and build-up applications on properly prepared metal surfaces (except Copper).

Specially formulated “2 Step” metallizing powders for all low temperature powder spray torches.

  • Special “inert gas atomized” powder for ultimate cleanliness.
  • Particle size distribution designed to eliminate fuming.
  • Designed to perform well through most applicators available.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 Iron 7% wt. Chrome 16% wt Nickel Balance

 Particle Size: -140+325 mesh


Melting Temperature: 2540°F (1395°C)

Coating Hardness: RB 80-87

Coating Density: 7.4 g/cc

Application: Build-up on mis-machined or wornout components

Code 4985 coatings can be easily finished with Tungsten Carbide tool bits.