4850 – Aluminum Bronze Cold Spray Powder

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Our code 4850 is a Copper base alloy powder for build-up on metal surfaces. The coating resists wear by fretting and hard surfaces. It also makes an excellent coating for soft bearing surfaces.

Specially formulated “2 Step” metallizing powders for all low temperature powder spray torches.

  • Special “inert gas atomized” powder for ultimate cleanliness.
  • Particle size distribution designed to eliminate fuming.
  • Designed to perform well through most applicators available.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 Al 9.5% wt , Fe 7% wt , Copper Balance

 Particle Size: -120+325 mesh

Melting Temperature: 1900°F (1040°C)

Coating Hardness: RB 80-85

Coating Density: 6 g/cc

Application: Wornout or mis-machined parts, soft bearing surfaces.

Code 4850 coatings can be easily finished using Tungsten Carbide Tool bits.