4680 – RC-15 Machinable Hot Spray Powder for Steels

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Our code 4680, is a soft machinable powder for rebuilding iron based components. It is also ideal for repairing holes and filling cracks.

  • Special gas atomized powders designed for use in all spray and fuse “puddle torches”.
  • Spherically shaped particles promote excellent powder flow through torch components.
  • Custom balanced particle sieve distribution creates the highest powder efficiency with the lowest amount of overspray.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 C .04% , Si 2.7% , B 1.7% , Fe 1.5% , Ni Balance

 Particle Size: -140+325 mesh

Coating Hardness: RC 14-16

Application: Wherever thin corrosion resistant coatings with extremely fine finish are required. 4680 coatings can be finished by belt sanding. Buffing produces a fine mirror finish. When used for filling defects or holes, CODE 4680 can be easily drilled and retapped with threads.