4185 – RC-35 Overlay Powder

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CODE 4185 is a self fluxing nickel alloy powder which gives relatively soft coatings with extremely good wetting qualities. Because of its extremely low carbon content, it is often used as an underlay before putting high carbon coatings on steel.

  • Special gas atomized powders designed for use in all spray and fuse “puddle torches”.
  • Spherically shaped particles promote excellent powder flow through torch components.
  • Custom balanced particle sieve distribution creates the highest powder efficiency with the lowest amount of overspray.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 Fe 1.5% , Cr 10% , Si 3.5% , B 2% , C .005%, Ni Balance

 Particle Size: -140+325 mesh

Melting Temperature: 1875°F (1020°C)

Deposit Hardness: RC 36-42

Application: General repair work such as blowholes in castings, repairs to glass molds, and pump parts.

4185 deposits fuse to a clean oxide free surface forming a metallurgical bond with the substrate. The deposit is essentially pore-free. The fused coating can be machined using standard carbide tipped tools to a fine finish.