4112 – Tungsten Carbide Hard Overlay Powder

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Our code 4112, is a blend of nickel chrome self fluxing powder and tungsten carbide. When fused it creates a deposit having evenly distributed hard carbide particles in a nickel chrome matrix which provides excellent wear resistance. The fused coating resists wear by abrasive grains, particle erosion and fretting.

  • Special gas atomized powders designed for use in all spray and fuse “puddle torches”.
  • Spherically shaped particles promote excellent powder flow through torch components.
  • Custom balanced particle sieve distribution creates the highest powder efficiency with the lowest amount of overspray.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 Tungsten Carbide 60% , Cr 11% , B 2.5% , Si 2.5%, 

 Fe 2.5% , C .5 , Ni Balance

 Particle Size: -100+325 mesh

Melting Temperature: 1800°F (1040°C)

Deposit Hardness: RC 58-65

Carbide Particle:  Knoop 1800

Application:  Hard applications on slipways, plug gauges, cam followers, rocker arms.

4112 coatings can be finished by grinding only with aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grinding wheels. It bonds metallurgically with the substrate and produces a smooth coating.