3785 – 1 Step Inconel Powder

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Our 3785 powder is an Inconel type flamespray powder. It is produced by a proprietary process and is a self-bond one-step powder which bonds to a properly prepared metal surface. It produces stainless type coatings with good wear and high corrosion resistance.

“One Step” powders are specially manufactured to combine a bonding mechanism into each powder particle.

  • Proprietary “One Step” design eliminates the need for bond coat application.
  • Balanced particle distribution maximizes spray efficiency and minimizes fuming.


Typical Properties

Nominal Chemistry

 Fe 5% , Cr 9% , Al 7% , Mo 5.5% , Ni Balance

 Particle Size: -120+325 mesh

Melting Temperature: 2450°F (1343°C)

Coating Hardness: RB 80

Coating Density: 6.9 g/cc

Application: Bearing journals, mechanical seals, press fits, pump rotors, shafts, water turbine nozzles, worn out machine parts

Code 3785 coatings can be easily machined using standard tungsten carbide tools.