2190 – Torch Brazing Alloy for Aluminum

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AWS A5.10 ER 4043

EN/ISO 18273 SAL 4043

DIN 1732: SG-AL Si5



  • Repairing all brazable aluminum castings – filling in holes, building up worn or missing sections and joining cast to wrought parts.
  • General purpose outdoor use on repairing aluminum skids, platforms, loading docks, truck bodies, irrigation piping, fences and railings.
  • Joining thick to thin sections requiring a combination of braze-welding and brazing techniques.

All purpose brazing/welding alloy for aluminum.

  • Designed for joining all brazable grades of aluminum sheet, plate, tubing and piping, extrusions, rod and wire.
  • To be used with aluminum powdered flux product code 5190.
  • Available in a flux cored version as a product code 2194.


All Weld Metal Analysis (Typical Weight %)

Si Fe Cu Mg Mn Zn Ti Al
5 .3 .001 .003 .04 .003 .004 Bal


Typical Mechanical Properties

Undiluted Weld Metal Maximum Value Up to:

Tensile Strength up to 35,000 PSI (250 MPa)

Bonding Temperature 800° – 1000°F

Brazing Instructions

Brazing Techniques: Clean the surface and preheat heavy sections. Use a powdered aluminum brazing flux. Heat the first 2″-3″ of the rod and dip it into the jar of flux. Adjust the torch to a neutral to slightly carburizing mixture face feed into the flame. Apply the alloy drop by drop, moving the torch constantly. Allow to cool and thoroughly remove all flux residues by scrubbing in warm water.

For thin flowing, adjust the torch to 3X carburizing and preheat to a higher temperature. Then touch the end of the rod to the work and continue heating, forcing the molten flux through the joint. Allow the rod to melt off and flow through the fluxed area. Keep the torch moving constantly.