1410 – 12% Chromium Electrode

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AWS/ASME A5.4: E410-15

EN 1600: E Z 13 B 42



This electrode is used for joining similar composition stainless and cast steels with 12% chromium. This alloy is used extensively for corrosion and oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures up to 1500ºF. Unlike the chromium-nickel stainless steels, this type is not subject to loss of corrosion resistance due to carbide precipitation. It is also used for the surfacing of carbon steels to resist abrasion, erosion and corrosion. It is a air hardened steel which requires preheat and post heat treatment to achieve welds of adequate ductility.


All Weld Metal Analysis (Typical Weight %)

Flux Color:  Grey


C Cr Ni Mn Si S P
.08 12.70 .40 .80 .32 .02 .02


Typical Mechanical Properties

Undiluted Weld Metal          Maximum Value Up to:

Tensile Strength                    79,000 PSI (545 N/mm2)

Elongation                             22%

Hardness                               350 HB


Welding Current & Instructions

Recommended Current:  DC Reverse (+)


Diameter (mm) 3/32 (2.5) 1/8 (3.25) 5/32 (4.0) 3/16 (5.0)
Minimum Amperage 60 90 110 150
Maximum Amperage 90 120 160 190

Welding Techniques:  Clean weld surfaces to remove all scale and corrosion. Maintain a short arc gap and use stringer bead technique.


Welding Positions:  Flat, Horizontal, Vertical-Up and overhead