Selectrode Industries employs over 100 people at various locations worldwide. Our headquarters in Huntington Station, Long Island, New York houses our Executive Staff, Sales and Marketing Departments as well as our Finance Department.

Selectrode's main manufacturing plant is located in Aliquippa (Pittsburgh) Pennsylvania. This complex is the site of our Research and Development, Production, Custom Imprinting and Packaging, Warehousing, Purchasing as well as both our Domestic and Export Shipping Departments.


The production section of this facility houses 4 extrusion lines and 3 baking ovens in a totally sealed climate controlled building. One extrusion line is dedicated to Research and Development while our newest totally corrosion resistant line is strictly for the manufacture of our highly specialized range of flux coated aluminum electrodes.

The remaining two extrusion lines supply our needs for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys in diameters from 1/16" (1.6 mm) through 1/2" (12 mm).