syn•er•gy (sin-er-jee)
noun, pl. syn•er•gies

1. The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.

Selectrode believes in providing you with the finest electrode packaging, alloys and supplies on the market, and for over 70 years, we have serviced customers throughout the globe and have provided them with superior products, service and support.

Our goal is to supply our customers with the best possible products, not compete with them. Selectrode is the only alloy manufacturer in the world that does not market its own brand, but instead supplies products either unbranded or bulk packaged or printed, packaged and fully private labeled under our customers brand name.

We offer a huge selection of unbranded electrode welding products with private branding options available. Selectrode Industries represents a truly unique discovery for companies reselling special electrodes and maintenance and repair alloys.

No matter what electrode welding supply you are looking for, from a brazing rod to a powder – Selectrode can provide virtually any electrode packaging or welding supply. If we don’t offer it, our research and development team will work with you to develop any custom product in color and alloy chemistry you desire.

If you offer private branded alloys, Selectrode wants to be your one stop shop for electrodes, brazing rods, powders, M I G wires, T I G wires and more.

The Selectrode marketing concept makes it extremely easy for resellers to purchase the very best versions of private branded alloys in the following categories:

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  • • Aluminum Electrodes Flux Coated
  • • Flux coated aluminum brazing rods
  • • Bronze & Copper Electrodes
  • • Cast Iron Electrodes
  • • Cobalt Electrodes
  • • Dissimilar Steel Electrodes
  • • Mild and carbon steel electrodes
  • • High Nickel Electrodes
  • • M I G Wires - Solid and Flux Cored
  • • Overlay Electrodes
  • • Powders for Spray Torches
  • • Powders for Electrode Manufacture
  • • Silver Brazing Alloys
  • • Flux coated brazing rods.
  • • Powder and liquid fluxes for brazing all metals
  • • T I G Wires for all Metals
  • • Torches for Hot and Cold Powder Spraying
  • • And many other products and accessories
  • • Torches for Hot and Cold Powder Spraying
  • • And many other products and accessories

*A very special item to be noted is that other manufacturers can purchase any of Selectrodes very high quality products in POWDER FORM, for manufacture on their own equipment.

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